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This chapter describes the necessary conditions to get a loan on the security of vehicles. As well as you are to get the answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Vehicle may be considered as a pledge only from the owner upon vehicle registration document. (Powers of Attorney are not considered)

2. The considered pledged vehicle is to be registered with SMRO DRTS Bishkek (Specialized Interregional Registration Department of the Department of Motor Vehicle and Driver's Structure Registration).

3. The vehicle is to be in good order and running condition.

The certificate on mortgage presence or absence, or arrest of this vehicle from SMRO DRTS I VS GRS KR (Specialized Interregional Registration Department of the department of Motor

Vehicle and Driver's Structure Registration under the State Registration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic) authorities is not necessary.

The decision to issue a loan is made by a loaner within the period from 30 minutes to 2 hours. During this period all the organizational issues are solved: from discussion on conditions and terms to signing the contract and receipt of money on the security of vehicle.

The pledge storing is on the secured site, the payment is charged to the pledger. The special conditions for our clients: the number of prolongation is not limited, after repayment of interests for the first month the following payments are calculated upon the fact, i.e. on the day of payment – daily. Penalty interests are not applied even after delay of the specified terms upon the contract.

In “Interest Rate” chapter you may calculate the interest (%) for the desirable amount and demanded term, having chosen wherein “kind of pledged property - Vehicle”.

To get more detailed information on vehicles pledge, please, contact us via the phones as follows: +996 550 98-57-75, +996 312 47-47-77

The pawnshop has the right to choose the client.




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