Ломбард Червонец

     In conditions of the general instability in the world markets, many people faced the problem of shortage of ready assets, or so-called liquidity crisis. In the period of such crisis crediting on security of movable property or crediting in pawnshop is very popular. Modern Bishkek: pawnshops are located almost everywhere; press and the internet are as big commission buy-and-sell shop with thousands of different advertisements. It is easy to get lost in a colorful variety of credit offers even to a man who is versed in the nicety of financial issues.

     “Chervonets” pawnshop: we exist in order to provide the best financial services and contribute to development of non-bank crediting in Kyrgyzstan by means of continuous improvement of customer service standards and improvement of conditions of credit accommodation to European level.

     Need money urgently? Searching for place where to get a credit and quickly? In our pawnshop you can get a credit in 5 minutes! In order to obtain a secured credit, you must have a document proving your identity and item (subject of pledge) that can be left in a pawnshop as a pledge.

     Subject of pledge in our pawnshops are: gold, golden jewelries.

     Pawnshop carries out its activity in strict adherence to requirements of acting legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.




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67/1 Baitik-Baatyr St., Bishkek
(located in Mega Trade Shopping Centre).

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+966 (312) 47-47-77

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Working days from 9-00 am. to 05-00 pm., without lunch hour.

Saturday from 9-00 to 01-00 pm.

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